The Steps Involved In Installing The Air Conditioning Unit

Like any other skilled job, installing an air conditioning unit needs some technical knowledge and skills, and only those who have sufficient education about air conditioning should install it since it emits a huge quantity of harmful fluorocarbons into the air. That is why when someone asked us who should install an air conditioning unit, our always answer to that is the one who has a certificate and licenses to do so such as aircon installation expert.

Since we assumed that was clear, we will try to speak to the process of how an air conditioning technician installs our aircon system. We have categorically divided the process into three major parts: mainly the checking up for the type of air conditioning, planning the area, and the steps in an installation that usually take place.

  1.    Checking Out The Type Of Aircon To Be Installed

Before the aircon technician would proceed to the installation method, he needs to check out first what is the air conditioning unit you need to install. There are counted numbers of air conditioning units, and each of them varies the installation procedure needed at home.

  1.    The floor aircon unit is the simplest to use. It no longer requires daunting task of installation procedure as one can directly plug it into the socket and it will already work.
  2.     Next, we have the split unit of air conditioning system which needs a certified and licensed technician to install, but this is less complicated so we were not surprised if someone handy can install it too.
  3.    Lastly, the ducted type of aircon system in which the cooling or air conditioning shall pass through a duct in each part of the house. This will need some specialized knowledge to install the system properly.


  1.    Planning For The Right Location

One step that needs to be done properly is selecting the right location for the air conditioning unit. You just could not install it anywhere you please as safety matters first and foremost then next we take into consideration how we can efficiently save energy and effectively cool the place. The means the technician will analyze the layout of the place to suggest if the place you selected is not applicable for installation.

  1.    The Installation Procedure

When the location is already picked, then it is time for the technician to do some measurement for the size of the window and the aircon unit. They will also seek an outlet or get an extension cord to plug the system into the electric system, and before inserting the unit into its place, the aircon technician will make sure had followed the creator’s guide in installation. They will also find out if it is positioned properly or if it fits the case or box and the time they could spend on installation job alone depends on the location and complexity of the work.


Now, we are confident that you can already picture out what are the things need to be done in the installation. Should you need to install an air conditioning system at home, feel free to ask for professional’s help.




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