Top 3 Best Aircon Companies You Can Find In Singapore

Singapore is one of the tropical climates in Asia. It has a rainy season and summer season. In Singapore when rainfall season breeze in, it quickly solves with a thick comfy blanket, a hot coffee and a nice touch of jacket within your body with a pair of socks on your feet or even hugs can make you feel warmer. What about summer season? The feel of heat is good but too much isn’t. When summer season comes in, you will only think of a hand fan, electric fan or air conditioner. Among these options what do you believe to be entirely convincing?

Most of us would love to have air conditioner especially in the comfort of our own home. Buying aircons is easy as counting one, two, and three. But what about buying high quality, durable, long-lasting and cost-efficient aircons? Choosing the right product is hard, but it will get more straightforward if you know where to buy. To help you deal with it, I will give you some tips on where to purchase an air conditioner.

Here are the best aircon companies in Singapore:

Mitsubishi Electric Asia – Is a leading manufacturer of satellite systems and home electronics of the world. Regarding their products quality, it is reliable, satisfying, trustworthy, and consistent. They serve humbly, with courtesy and dedication. They care for the customer’s safety and have confidence that they can help customers to its most excellent. They have a wide variety of products including the air conditioner.

A related Services – To make the story short since 1996 they have been ISO 9002 certified and on 2002, it upgraded from ISO 9002 to ISO 9001 until now. They are BCA Category L5 qualified M & E Contractor and a member of (ARA)Airconditioning, Refrigeration Association. They specialize in mechanical ventilation and electrical systems, installation and repair of aircon and refrigerators.

Air Connection Design PTE. LTD. – The team of Air connection Design company has an experience of configuring problems in air conditions for more than 20 years. They are a highly competitive airconditioning services company that enhances there strategies and upgrading their products now and then.

There are also companies in Singapore that don’t focus on selling air conditioner but offers only installation, maintenance and services. According to our research these companies are the top among them;

1. Billy Aircon Company

2. Cool Earth Aircon services

3.Gain City

An air conditioner is an electric device that makes you comfortable and having to know where you can find one of the best, be sure to be a wise buyer and a smart consumer because even high-quality products have no match to an irresponsible user.

There are so many companies around Singapore, all of them has one goal, and that is to make their consumer comfortable for an everyday living using their products and be on top of every other competitor that stand the way. But only few will stand out and can achieve these goals.

Tips on How to Save Energy with Your AC Unit

It is really hard to imagine those very hot and humid climates without air conditioning. But you do know that the wrong usage of the system can also cause you to have this huge amount to pay when the electricity bill comes that the end of the month.

This can be a huge dilemma. To make sure that you are not always going to have to deal with such humongous bills every time, here are some energy saving tricks and tips that work as far as your AC unit goes.


Keep it lower at nighttime

At night, you do not usually require the same level of coolness as you would in the daytime. Usually, the temperature drops lower at night as well. This means that you can get the AC turned down, this means that it is going to be running less which translates to less energy consumed. This is especially appropriate during your sleep hours. If you have a unit that has a sleep mode, use it as this helps lower the output of the unit based on a timer.


Use portable or window units

If you are not looking into home improvement, then go for a portable system or a window type air conditioning. This means that you can use just to cool the area where you are going to be in. They tend to use about 50% less of the energy that is used to get a central unit running. So, if saving on energy consumption is what you are after, this is a sound choice.


Close the vents off

The coolest portion in most homes is usually the basement. So, it is a good idea to get the vents around the lower portion of your home closed. This results in the cool air sinking down naturally. Closing the vents means that the air is pushed up top. As they come down, they start cooling which then means your home cooler in the process. Thus, causing you to rely less on the AC system in the process.


Get the units serviced

You are going to need to perform regular basic maintenance to the system if you want it to stay in good shape for a long time. Most would need some housing out from time to time. This is especially true if you are surrounded by trees that tend to drop seeds as these seeds can stick to the filters. Remember, clogged filters will only cause the unit to work harder which means more energy consumed as a result.


Get the ducts checked

You need to get the area where the ducts are located to be checked for signs of damage on your AC too. They tend to run through various parts of the house and if they happen to run those areas where there is no AC present, make sure that they are going to be insulated properly. This is necessary to ensure that the air that will be coming in is going to be as cool as it should be.